Go red to go green. Let us help you create a healthy, pest-free, eco-friendly home and environment to live in. At Eco Friends Pest Control, we are deeply concerned about the harsh impact of chemicals that can affect you, your family, friends, and pets, as well as the water supply we all share. Our botanical line of pest control products provides effective treatment of unwanted pests without harming beneficial elements. Give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you.

We are the other pest control company

Eco Friends Pest Control is dedicated to helping you, your family, and the environment by using botanical-based, yet effective means of pest control.

We are not only licensed by SPCS and the Texas Department of Agriculture, but we are also RIS (Reduced Impact Services) certified to use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices in our business.

This means a thorough inspection and recommendation to improve your pest issues without over-treating. When treatment is needed, we offer the lowest toxic products on the market today. We not only want to cure your pest problems, but we also want to help your environment to be as free as possible of any health-threatening materials that could harm you and your family and pets.

We treat your home like we treat our home. You do not have to leave, nor does your pet. You do not have to pull everything out of your cabinets. We take our time inspecting your property and home and tell you what we have found before we start. Then we explain everything we will do and what we are using. We will tell you what to expect from our treatments.

We guarantee our treatments for three months. During those three months should you still experience problems we will return and retreat at no charge to you, even if we have to make several trips.

Because we believe so strongly in our pest control treatments, we do not require contracts obligating you to pay us. We should do such a good job that you want us to do your regular pest control.

Our goal is to create an eco-friendly environment for you to live in. This will take several treatments to accomplish this goal. We ourselves, with our many pets, are living in an eco-friendly environment, so we know for a fact, it can happen for you too. Eco is logical, go green with us using Eco Friends Pest Control’s botanical treatments.