The Red Dragonfly

Have you ever wondered why “Go Red to Go Green” is our slogan? Why the Red Dragonfly, of course!

Still doesn’t make sense? Read on.

We love bugs – especially the dragonfly. Our owner, Lin Ellis, has collected them for years – knick-knacks, pottery, jewelry, etc. She simply finds them fascinating!

When the company started in 2009, the look was incomplete – meaning no red dragonfly. In one of our first calls, we had a client who wanted to know if our products would kill her dragonflies. She desperately needed pest control but did not want to lose them. You see, they were RED dragonflies, which are rare. She had had them for years. They live and breed in the same area their entire lives.

With our products and knowledge, were we able to both save the dragonflies and solve her pest problem.

Then another and another call about dragonflies! This was in the first two months of our company starting up. Four clients with red dragonflies!

The dragonfly, in many cultures and in mythology, represents many positive aspects but most often symbolizes “change.” Here at Eco Friends Pest Control, we wish to “change” how people think about pest control and consider what we know to be a better option.

The handwriting was on the wall and we “changed” all of our branding to incorporate the Red Dragonfly.

So now we say “Go Red to Go Green,” since we only use botanical products.

When you see or hear “Go Red to Go Green” think of Eco Friends Pest Control and the Red Dragonfly and “changing” the world for the better.