Commercial Projects

Eco Friends Pest Control also does commercial buildings, both offices and lofts. Have a LEED-certified project? Eco Friends Pest Control is your perfect partner!

The sophisticated clients who choose LEED projects and homes demand not only energy savings but a complete strategy of sustainable, “Green,” ecologically friendly and natural solutions across the a spectrum of the project.

Eco Friends Pest Control is the perfect partner to your project. Our program of R.I.S. (Reduced Impact Services) means only the necessary measures and the least impactful solutions are implemented to control pests.

Eco Friends Pest Control is R.I.S. (Reduced Impact Services) certified by the Department of Agriculture. R.I.S. certification is an exclusive level of training for pest control professionals that teaches a stringent protocol that must be followed when treating pest infestations in public and high-traffic areas such as schools, public buildings and hospitals, for example. R.I.S. requires a complete analysis and assessment of a property, inside and out, and presenting a solution to any and all problems found, using the lowest toxicity products available (which are botanical!). We are proud to be R.I.S certified.