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Bugs come into your home for two reasons: they are foraging; looking for food and water because there is not enough outside—or—the population is so large they are taking over your home. We always inspect a home to determine why they are coming inside. We will share with you what we look for and what you can do yourself. If a client does not want to do it, we offer this as an additional service to help resolve the situation. We will inspect all pipes, wires and cables coming into your home. Many bugs enter into your house from the foundation, slab, pier or beam. It is the easiest way in for insects and rodents.

Sealing openings in your home against bugs is called “Exclusion.” If desired, we will schedule an additional service call and this service is billed separately. Outdoor caulk is used for small openings; foam is used for larger openings. Inside your home, we will examine the pipes under the sink, water heater, toilets and washing and drying. If there is an opening we will seal it. It there are rings around the pipes, we will ensure they are tight. Windows are a favorite opening for ants. Recaulking your windows will improve your energy bill but will not deter bugs. In your kitchen and bathrooms, eroded grout is an easy way for bugs to travel in those areas from the walls.

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All prices are estimates and will be determined by the pest control operator at time of service. Prices do not include sales tax. Prices are for General Pest Control only: Roaches, ants, earwigs, crickets, silverfish, spiders, etc. Not included, but available as a separate service: mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas/ticks, termites, bed bugs, rodent control or pantry pests.