Everyday is Earth Day @ Eco Friends

Eco Friends Pest Control is an IPM certified company that specializes in botanical pest control. From our view, everyday is Earth Day! We all want to live a safe and healthy life. Earth Day is the perfect time for us to educate as many as we can about their options to pest control. The way we live also has a huge part to play in our why. Our unique approach to pest control will control the pest problem (roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, scorpions, snakes, termites, rats, mice, crickets, spiders, fleas, and moths) in your home or business.

No synthetic chemicals are used in our pest control. Whether it be your personal home or your place of business, we want your home to be free of pests without the use of synthetic chemicals in the environment. Many companies will say they are organic pest control companies however, it is actually illegal to say organic in the State of Texas. The definition for organic is anything carbon based. We are carbon based and so is Arsenic! The public perception of organic is healthy, safe and natural. That is not always true. Which is why we use the word botanical.

Earth Day. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people gathering for common concerns and solutions to making personal environments as friendly as possible. This is exactly what earth day is about! Many people are concerned about the environment, protecting our ground water and food supply. Eco friends has participated in the wonderful project for 5 years. All companies can say they are Eco friendly but it is not what you think it is. At Eco Friends PC we are proud to say that we are a true botanical pest control company that is passionate about educating all that we encounter on why everyday should be Earth Day!

Check out our video of Earth Day Kids and see how much we enjoyed the children and educating. Earth Day Texas is a great resource for information for individuals that want to live more naturally and be good to the environment. There are many tips on what one can do individually to positively impact personal environment.

Earth Day Texas is the largest Earth Day Celebration in Texas. Vendors, educators and consumers all come together for one common purpose, our earth. Visit www.earthdaytx.org for more info.

Special thanks to all involved in the making of this video.
Go Red to Go Green!

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