Rob and Rats

Do you hear noises in your attic or walls at night? It could very well be rats.

Here at Eco Friends PC we lost one of our pets due to a synthetic rat poison a neighbor put out. The rat died in our yard. Our dog found the rat and ate the stomach. Dogs are organ eaters and that is how they get poisoned from rat poison. This is a sad story and it happens to often. This was our beginning of doing better for the environment and our pets. At Eco Friends we are working to not let this happen to anyone else. It is our mission to educate while moving the rats off your property without causing injury or death to your 4 legged loved ones.

Check out this cool short educational video about rats. Rob, a Licensed and IPM certified technician, will give a short educational video on rats. He is a rat expert using our green rat products instead of synthetic rat poison.

For more info about your individual situation call us for an appointment so we can inspect your property.

Very special thank you to our client who allowed us to film in her home.

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