Word Play : Chemical Vs Synthetic Chemical

Chemical Vs. Synthetic Chemical

Word play is everywhere. Organic versus non-organic. Chemical versus non-chemical versus Synthetic chemical. Many wonder what do they all mean as it pertains to the individual consumer.


According to the Webster Dictionary,
Chemical :noun – compound or substance that has been purified or prepared, especially artificially.
Synthetic chemical :adjective – substance made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product.
Organic:adjective – relating to or derived from living matter.

In the state of Texas, a few terms that pest control companies may not use when communicating to the public are; organic and all-natural. Why you may ask? The governing agency of pest control believes these terms are misleading to the client. A chemical
is defined as products that have gone through some sort of refinement out of its original state. Therefore, all products are chemical.

Products used at Eco Friends Pest Control are essential oil based. One may think essential oil based pest control means chopping up cloves of garlic and spreading them around your home. That’s not quite how it works. The products are botanical, they still have gone through a processing. This processing is necessary to help the product stay a little longer. ¬†Therfore, when one hears the word organic the automatic thought is all-natural, real, no chemicals. This seems to be ok , but Arsenic is organic. The carbon based product is deadly. Which is why the use of the word organic is a no-no in Texas.

Synthetic chemicals are made with man-made ingredients and formulas to make up a chemical mixture.
The problem with Man-made items is that we have encountered products like DDT. DDT has been linked to several cancers. DDT has also been recently detected in well water. Well water comes from our ground water. Its important to know what we are putting in our envoroment to get rid rid of bugs.

Please get educated on what is being put into the environment and yards to kill bugs.
Check out this article from USGS.gov to learn more about ground water contaminants.

For more information about botanical pest control visit our site  www.ecofriendspestcontrol.com

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