Termite Discovery

We are doing a termite job on a house built by the current owner in 1999. He decided to remodel his kitchen. When the vinyl wall paper and walls were torn out he had a huge surprise. It was full of active termites. They were under the vinyl wall paper and dry wall and inside the walls.

We were called in to remedy the situation. Upon our inspection we told him there was no outward appearance of any termite activity. Considering what was uncovered inside the house that was surprising. It is very well maintained inside and outside. This house could have been anyone’s, mine, your, your neighbors.

He did tell us he had about 20 swarmers 2 years ago. If you know anything about termites and swarmers then you know 20 is not very many at all. Usually there are 100’s to 1000’s of swarmers when they emerge.

The damage they did is unbelievable. This could be anyone’s home with no evidence of termites to make you suspicious.

The moral of this story is: Don’t ignore swarmers. That is you first clue and for this house the only clue they were there destroying this family’s home. Termite treatment is expensive but your home is the most valuable thing you own and your biggest investment. Don’t let termites destroy it and its value.

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